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Respite Services

Our respite support is a home away from home. It is an opportunity for people to have a change of pace, get together with friends and learn from new experiences in a familiar and reassuring place.

We provide residential accommodation in a home-like setting on weekends and 24/7 during the summer months of July and August. Both services offer an opportunity to have your stay supported by qualified and trained staff dedicated to the respite service.

Subsidized Weekend Relief provides residential support in a home-like setting for adults 18 years of age or older who live with a caregiver outside of the Elmira District  Community Living’s residential services. This service is available to residents of Woolwich, Wellesley, Mapleton Townships and Waterloo Region, up to one weekend per month. Referals for subsidized Respite must be made through Developmental Services Ontario (DSO).

Subsidized Summer Respite is available to persons who qualify for weekend relief and is available for a maximum of one week in the summer period of July or August.

We also offer Week Day Respite at full cost. This type of Respite is available to families who have a vaction planned or have an emergency come up. Please contact lisa Reitzel at 519-669-3173 ext. 224 or lreitzel@elmiraacl.com for this type of Respite. For subsidized Respite options please call the DSO.

Respite is an opportunity for people to have a break, broaden their social circle, experience life away from home and experience community activities. Parents and caregivers benefit by taking time for themselves or spending time with other family members.

Our respite services are listed on http://www.respiteservices.com/

This service is available to our catchment area as well as Kitchener/Waterloo.  This can be accessed by individuals on the wait list for subsidized respite.