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Elmira District Community Living provides residential support to more than 50 men and women with intellectual disabilities in our community. Supports are geared to meet a person’s current needs and address future possibilities.

We provide residential support to residents of Woolwich, Wellesley, and Mapleton Townships as well as residents of the broader Waterloo Region, vacancies permitting. Services are available to adults 18 years of age or older with an intellectual disability.

Our homes are all located in the Elmira community. Each of our homes is staffed by trained EDCL staff and meets the compliance requirements of the Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services (MCCSS).

  • Reid Woods, our core residence, is situated in a country-like setting north of Elmira. This is home to 12 people who have greater care and medical needs.
  • The Assisted Living Centre provides 24/7 secure residential support for seniors, people with complex care needs or persons requiring palliative care.
  • Additionally there are six houses located throughout Elmira. Each home operates as a shared space/group living format and is home to between 4 to 6 people dependent on location.

Our Group Homes are designed to provide person-centered assistance, so each person can actively participate in the community, contribute in their own way and exercise their right to be included.

Residential placements are funded by the MCCSS.  If you or your loved one are interested in group home living at EDCL, you should contact Developmental Services Ontario to determine if you are eligible.

For more details on Residential Services, contact
Sarah Cadeau