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We had the pleasure of presenting the Greg Bechard Award at our Staff Appreciation Party. This award was created by our Board of Directors to recognize Greg’s many years of innovative and caring service to EDCL. Employees who represented the values of the organization, were upstanding in their role, and were helpful to coworkers were eligible to be nominated by their peers.
Similar to last year, we were amazed by how many nominations we received and the heartfelt reasons given for why people should get the award. It reinforced to us just how awesome our team at Elmira District Community Living is and how much care and kindness is brought to work each day.
We are so excited to recognize our recipients for this year, along with a summary of the nominations submitted by their peers.
1. Rodger Hanna:
Rodger is widely respected across the organization for his inclusive, encouraging, and fair leadership. His approachability and positive attitude, both towards staff and the people we support, contribute to a welcoming and supportive environment. Rodger’s positive influence extends beyond his regular job duties through his involvement in the rec committee and his dedicated organization of annual recreation dances, creating a positive and eagerly anticipated experience for the people we support. His enduring impact is evident not only in the lasting impression he leaves with everyone he works with but also in his dedication to the development of his team. We express our heartfelt gratitude for Rodger’s many years of unwavering dedication to EDCL.
2. Louise Ellis:
Louise Ellis was consistently praised for her exceptional dedication to EDCL. Not only does she go above and beyond during regular work hours, but her commitment extends to actively contributing outside of them. Louise’s impactful role in the union and the rec committee demonstrates her unwavering dedication to both the organization and its staff. Colleagues commend her for giving 150% to EDCL, highlighting her outstanding commitment. As a mentor, Louise fosters a culture of growth, development, and collaboration, offering guidance and knowledge while fearlessly advocating for continuous improvement. Thank you, Louise, for all that you do!
Congratulations, Rodger and Louise!
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