Every life is a work of art displaying an individuals unique and special identity!

Residential Services

The Elmira District Community Living provides residential support to more than 50 men and women with intellectual disabilities in our community. Supports are geared to meet an individual’s current needs and address future possibilities.

We provide residential support to residents of Woolwich, Wellesley, and Mapleton Townships as well as residents of the broader Waterloo Region vacancies permitting. Services are available to adults 18 years of age or older with a intellectual disability.

Our homes are all located in the Elmira community.  Reid Woods, our core residence, is situated in a country-like setting north of Elmira. This is home to 12 individuals who have greater care and medical needs.

Living outside of the family home:

  • Ensures the individual’s participation in their community
  • Enhances life experiences
  • Broadens social circles
  • Increases individual self-esteem and self-awareness

Assisted Living Centre (ALC)

The Assisted Living Centre provides 24/7 secure residential support for seniors, individuals with complex care needs or persons requiring palliative care. The unique layout of the building, along with the support staff format, allows for individual choice in how a person is supported and how they interact within their home. Individual apartments, large single person suites with individual bath and patios and multiple common areas, common and private kitchens and dining areas allow for small family or extended family style living as well as privacy for personal time or family or friends to visit. The Assisted Living Centre allows for individuals who require residential supports from their extended service family, EDCL, to continue this relationship throughout their life, if that is their wish. Individuals from outside the Elmira area are welcome to apply to live here, vacancies and waiting list priorities permitting.

How are the supports offered?

The unique floor plan of this 16 person home consists of one, eight suite bedroom area with its own dining room, kitchen and living room. The remainder of the Assisted Living Centre is comprised of two, four person homes, providing a range of choices in supported living in a small group setting. The eight suite residential wing provides assistance to individuals requiring higher levels of attendant or total care. There are six suites with private patios and shared bath for every two units. The remaining two suites each have a private patio and bath. A specialized bathing room is available to support the individuals here who have complex bathing requirements. The dining area and living room for this wing also serves as a gathering place for all residents who may wish to be involved in planned or informal activities in the daytime and evening. The two, four person homes within the Assisted Living Centre are of identical design. Each home consists of three suites with private bath and one self contained independent apartment. The home also has a private kitchen, living room, dining room, laundry facility and common patio with a gas barbeque.