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Referral and Admission

The Elmira District Community Living is funded by the Ministry of Community and Social Services (MCSS) and we are governed in our operating in some aspects by their directives.  We operate within a service area defined by MCSS as the “Central Region”.  In that context referrals for service to either Day Supports or Residential Supports come to us through the MCSS designated single point access mechanism.  This entity is known as the Developmental Services Ontario (DSO).  Eligibility for service is determined by the DSO.  Sometimes an individual or family may contact us to discuss our Association but decisions regarding eligibility or referrals for service must come through the DSO.

Admission Decisions

Many factors influence the decision to support or not support a person.  Suitability of the support for the person is paramount.  Secondarily, availability of the support is necessary.  Where there is more than one person applying for an available opening, staff will review the applications and make recommendations to the Client Services Committee.  Key factors in the decision are; availability of service, where relevant within defined service boundaries (day supports), transportation requirements, demonstrated crisis or urgency as identified by either the DSO or the Association, suitability of the service to the individual and the individual to the service.  The individual, particularly in a residential placement must also be compatible with the individuals currently living in the home where there is a vacancy.  The Client Services Committee is responsible for all admission and demission decisions and may when deemed necessary consult with DSO or representatives of MCSS.

Individuals who have Passport money can access EDCL’s Supports and Services.   Individualized funding must be adequate and congruent with current Association costs and legal and labour requirements.  Families may elect to direct their funds to the Association or manage their own funds.  In either case the costs required to deliver the service and other contractual, legal or labour requirements must parody the current obligations of the Association.

For more information about our services contact:

Cheryl Peterson
Services Director
519-669-3205 x226


For referral information please contact:

Developmental Services Ontario
Central West Region
205-1120 Victoria St. N.
Kitchener, Ontario N2B 3T2