Volunteer with us


Community is enriched by volunteers.

Are you looking to devote some of your time to volunteering? This is a rewarding opportunity to meet others in your community and share your skills and friendship!  We have various volunteer positions to choose from.  Which one fits you!

Volunteer Positions

Quilt Auction Fundraiser

Duties: There are many different aspects to putting on this volunteer driven event.  It occurs every year in the fall. Contact Wendy Vandenberk for details on how you can help out at 519-669-3205 ext. 228.

Adventure Trekking in Elmira

Duties: To provide companionship to an individual who needs company to walk within the community.  It’s always more fun with two!  This is a great way to get exercise, fresh air and share your time. Time commitment: A minimum of two hours a month


Duties: Spend time hand drumming with a man who echoes your enthusiasm for the beat.  This is a space to learn and grow through music. Time commitment: A minimum of two hours a month

Event Accompaniment

Duties: There are many events that a volunteer can share their companionship. You would attend with a group or as a one to one outing (based on your preference and skill set) a wide range of community events.   Examples of past events are: Movies, Dinners at a restaurant, Blue Jays, Raptors, Theatre, Sugar King Games, Rangers, Concerts, and Fairs. Time commitment: Varies. Approximately 4 hours per event.

Sharing Your Love of Literature – Reader

Duties: To bring words on a page to life by reading aloud.  This activity is truly enjoyed by many of the people we support. You will always have an audience 1-1 or group if you start to read! Time commitment: ½ hour – 1 hour every other week.

Tea Time Social

Duties: To bring a positive attitude and get ready to share conversation and laughter.  Oh and of course tea!  This is a time to socialize and visit. Time commitment: 1 hour every week

Bicycle Fun

Duties: Bring your bike and helmet and join an avid biker on a trip around town.  This is a fun way to stay healthy and meet someone new. Time commitment: 1 hour every week in clement weather.

Share Your Techy Side – Computer and Tablet time

Duties: To spend time supporting a new or learning computer/tablet user hone their skills.  This may include how to send an email, how to access social media, what is an app and fun applications. Time commitment: 1 hour every other week

Crafts and Games

Duties: Plan a craft or pull out a board game to play and get imaginations sparked! Time commitment: 1 hour every other week

Use Your Skill to Volunteer!

You may have a skill set that the individuals we support could truly benefit from. This is a way to contribute to enhancing quality of life through your expertise!  Examples: Hair cuts, coach or trainer to motivate fitness, cooking gourmet for cheap, garment sewing repairs, this list could go on.

Become an Association Member for Other Volunteer Options

As a member you have the ability to serve on Committees of the Association and Board of Directors. Contact Greg Bechard for more information. He can be reached at 519-669-3205 ex. 227.

Volunteer Application

We ask our volunteers for a minimum of a six-month commitment and to complete a screening process which includes an interview with the Volunteer Manager, reference checks, and a police background check. Please complete the attached form and email it to volunteer@elmiraacl.com or mail it to Elmira District Community Living, 118 Barnswallow Drive, Elmira Ontario N3B 2Y9.

For more information contact Lisa Reitzel at 519-669-3173 ext. 224 or email volunteer@elmiraacl.com.