We are dedicated to supporting individuals with developmental disability and their families.

Strategic Plan


Elmira District Community Living (EDCL) vision is that
the individuals we support live with dignity and respect:

  • Choice
  • Opportunity
  • Citizenship
  • Unique to each person


EDCL’s mission is to:

  • Create partnerships that provide relevant, individualized, and innovative services for persons supported by EDCL
  • Advocate, Educate and Facilitate the participation of the Community in achieving the individual’s life vision

Guiding Principles

Lifelong Supports

Utilizing the principles of person directed planning, EDCL works collaboratively with individuals, families, advocates and support networks, ensuring that people are supported on a lifelong basis.

Respect and Dignity


  • Respects the people we support, their homes and property
  • Honours dignity and right to privacy
  • Advocates with others to do the same

Community Development

EDCL facilitates the choices of individuals, and promote inclusion by:

  • Educating and engaging the community
  • Using available community resources
  • Fostering partnerships

Importance of Families/Support Networks

EDCL encourages all involved to assume an ongoing role in the planning and provision of supports in collaboration with the supported individual and our staff.

Staff and Volunteers


  • Recognize staff members, volunteers, contributors and families for support of EDCL
  • Supports for professional growth through agency-sponsored, as well as third party training and development


EDCL is committed to innovation in response to the needs of individuals and families, service demands and external pressures. EDCL will:

  • Seek out creative approaches
  • Be flexible and open to change


EDCL aspires to excellence through accountability to all stakeholders by:

  • Routinely evaluating our supports for quality, effectiveness, efficiency and satisfaction
  • Implementing change where warranted
  • Obtaining verification through third party standards and accreditation


In all endeavours, it is essential that concerned parties are well informed and heard. To this end, EDCL engages in active listening and ongoing communications with:

  • Supported Individuals
  • Families and support network
  • Staff
  • Community members
  • Other stakeholders

Management Report

A copy of the Management Report is available for downloading.